We listen to uncover what is relevant to people.

We put the consumer’s voice in the center of a customer/brand relationship analysis. We listen attentively to what moves them and what is important to them.

Consumer Intelligence

Consumer and user centred understanding needs to be at the core of all actions that companies employ in their communication efforts. Our 10 years of continuously innovating sophisticated research methodologies put us at the forefront of helping companies understanding consumer needs and wants. Quality customer intelligence is crucial to drive better business decisions and to generate measurable results.

— Consumer Insight, Comparative Analysis, Buying Behaviour Motivation, Differenciation Mapping, etc.

Market Intelligence

Our accumulated industry insights and our cross disciplinary practice has created a deep understanding of market dynamics and trends. In our strategy process we built on this transversal knowledge to forecast and interpret market situation all over the globe.

— Industry Benchmark Studies, Trends Analysis, Market Comparison, etc.

Brand Positioning Audit

Driving a brand's positioning is only posible when you have a clear understanding of how your brand is perceived by your stakeholders. Relevance has the methodology and experience to analyse and define a clear picture on where your brand stands related to trends, competitors, consumers needs and perceptions. A Brand Positioning Audit lays the foundamental base to direct a sound strategy for your brand.

— Consumer Insights, Comparative Analysis, Motivation Insights, Differenciation Mapping, etc.

TAGS Research® Methodology

In traditional research methodologies closed questions are not resulting in true consumer insights. Our open questions methodology, TAGS Research®, allows for qualitative data gathering with consumers’ own voice on a global scale, crossing any cultural, geographical or language barrier.

— Brand Perception Mapping, Comparative Brand Positioning, etc.

Attitudinal Consumer Segmentation

Socio-demographics are falling short to explain today’s consumer behaviours. Relevance (based on the values-theory of Schwartz) is designing targeted consumer segmentation projects to analyse our client's target consumer through their respective attitudinal behaviours.

— Behavioural User Profiles. Customer Segmentation, etc.