We craft relevant strategies based on actionable insights.

Our strategy work ranges from strictly brand related issues to product/market challenges, to top management workshops for corporate strategy alignment and more.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is at the core of what Relevance is bringing to its hugely diverse range of projects and clients. Any product, service or even an institutional campaign does not have much chances of success, if it isn’t built on a solid Brand Strategy. Our business sense and our analytical, fact-based approach guarantee for solid and durable brand strategies, an indispensable foundation for growth.

— Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Product Naming.

Communication Strategy

Today any strategic objective in communication can only be reached if Digital Media is smart and effectively incorporated into media. We have our in-house team that is exclusively dedicated to innovate, adapt and optimize technology for digital messaging. We create strategies, design tools and interfaces and code for a broad range of usages and applications, for which we also develop the contents.

— Communication Plans, Marketing Plans, Market Expansion Plans.

Sponsoring Strategy

Relevance has been actively influencing Sponsorship Culture by creating innovative investigation and evaluation tools. Our collaboration with leading media companies and rights holders has enabled us to design and manage win/win partnerships for brands and sponsors alike. We define territories and platforms, we project potential ROIs, we manage contractual agreements and we get actively involved in deal making and deliver customized monitorization tools.

— Sponsoring Concept, Rightsholder Sponsoring Program, Deal Management.